Rachel Ghamela Johnson is a story teller and writer, focusing on her personal and spiritual journey.  She is a certified international tour manager, a board member of the non-profit organization Encounters In Archaeology, and works part time as CFO of a digital marketing company.  She enjoys traveling, telling stories, and being in nature. Rachel is the contributor on the following pieces:

The Gift

My Life as a Virus

Too Familiar

A Portrait’s Point of View

Susan Marshall, LPC, CPCS is the founder of The Center for Mindful Exploration and of the COVID EXPEDITIONS project. She spends much of her time amazed at the bravery of her psychotherapy clients. She teaches meditation and mindfulness based classes and supervises new therapists. Mostly, she just loves thinking about what makes us tick. The rest of the time she laughs and paddles and laughs some more with her husband and loves her twenty-something year old sons. Susan was published in At Home (Family and Home Network), May 2002, August, 2002, April 2003 and she wrote the blog Mindful Mustings from 2013 – 2017. You can learn more about Susan at The Center for Mindful Exploration. Susan is a COVID EXPEDITION LEADER. Susan is the contributor of the following pieces:

Inside Out

The Comfortable. The Known.

Emily M. Woodcock is a Speech- Language Pathologist with The Stepping Stones Group, LLC. Emily graduated at the University of West Georgia with a Masters in Education in Communication Science and Disorders. She also has a Bacholers and Masters degree in Special Education and taught in the classroom for over five years. Her clinical interests include both school-based and adult medical speech-language pathology. Emily is an accomplished Therapeutic Drummer. She has a traveling heart and soul which means she usually is not in one place for too long. Emily is the contributor of the following pieces:

My Hands Allowed Me

Anne Marvil Gentry, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who moved from Chicago to LaGrange, when she retired from private practice.  She is a very active retiree, who has served on the board of the Lafayette Society for Performing Arts and is a current board member of the LaGrange Friendship Exchange (LIFE).  She enjoys yoga and African drumming, as well as her yearly summer visits to her native Sweden.  All these activities have been affected by Covid.  Yoga lessons and djembe drumming are now taught via Zoom, and summer travel is on indefinite hold.  While sheltering in place, Anne spends time gardening, reading, and learning photo editing. Anne is the contributor of the following pieces:

The Rose That Never Fades

Mardi Schaufler has dwelled along the Georgia side the of Chattahoochee River her entire life except those years she spent training to become a gynecologist. Her interests are quite varied and include bird watching, bicycling, swimming, piano, yoga and lately, visiting. Having grown up in a large family of talkers and story tellers she, like her father, was forced to become a good listener. She makes sporadic entries into a personal journal and occasionally tries her hand at writing poetry. Mardi is the contributor of the following pieces:

Trip to the Grocery

Laura Breyfogle is a happily recently retired naturalist. Though she no longer gets paid to share her love for the natural world, it remains her passion. Favorite past times include gardening, monitoring bluebird boxes, birding, hiking and spending time with friends and family (for the most part virtual). Volunteer work in 2020 will be focused on helping with political campaigns and legislation. Laura is the contributor of the following pieces:

The Onerous Task

Painful Fruit

Terri Codlin enjoyed a career as a Montessori educator at the First Presbyterian Montessori school here in LaGrange.  She taught there for 24 years.  After that she worked at the Lafayette Society for Performing Arts and also began to explore her creative passion by delving into paper painting.  Presently, she spends her time serving as President of the Board of Hillside Montessori.  She is thrilled to be around children on a regular basis and is so proud of this school, which was founded and run by her former student, Bethany Headrick.  Terri is a regular Gentle Yoga participant at Mindful Exploration. Learn more about Terri at Terri is also a COVID EXPEDITION LEADER. Terri is the contributor of the following pieces:

Hopefully It’s Just a Pause

 Mary Lou Dabbs is retired from LaGrange College where she worked for 13 years as Electronic Resources Librarian. Now she spends time gardening, walking, and swimming or boating when water is available. She is an active member of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, the Sierra Club, and the Azalea Storytelling Committee. She looks forward to travelling again to visit her son and his wife in Santa Barbara, California when that becomes possible. Mary Lou is the contributor of the following pieces:

Time Saved


Hills & Dales Gardens

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