What to do with all of these feelings and experiences?

Do you have feelings you can’t find words for? Are you having experiences you don’t have a catagory for? It’s important for us to process and express our feelings. It’s how we understand them. Humans have been doing this since we’ve been on the planet, through drawings, dance, music and stories. It’s what therapy is all about, understanding our own stories.

Sometimes, however, we just can’t find the words. Trauma and intense emotions aren’t always stored in a ways that words can express. But there are other ways.

Come join us for Creative Reflections Through Collage.

Miranda Fortenberry, BFA, is a local artist who uses paint and collage to explore things like trauma, mental health, body image and journaling. LaShannon Epps, LPC is a local therapist who specializes in trauma and working with chidren, adolescents and young adults. Through collage and group therapy, we will spend the morning exploring our experiences and learning new ways to tap into our feelings that long for expression.

What: Creative Reflections Through Collage, Artistic expression and group therapy

Where: The Center For Mindful Exploration, 1111 Mooty Bridge Road, Ste A, LaGrange, GA 30240 (In the back of the Coldwell Banker Building)

When: Saturday, November 13, 2021, 10am – 12:30pm

Cost: $50


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