AUGUST 2013~ Caught Between Clinging and Resisting

I spent the last two weekends in July paddling. I spent hours paddling along the banks, looking, listening and basking. Just being

I was never out for less than three hours, so clearly, I did quite a bit of “doing” too. But paddling itself has a rhythm that puts me into more of a “being” space than a “doing” space. I allowed myself the space to paddle deep into coves where only kayaks can get and just lay back and listen or watch. It was lovely. It was stilling.

Along the paddle, I realized that some of the leaves were beginning to turn red.


I had a simultaneous feeling of excitement about the cool breezes of fall and a really intense sensation of grasping on to the hot days of summer that allow me the freedom to paddle and the opportunity to sweat and swim.  I found myself caught smack dab between grasping for the next season and resisting the slipping away of the one I’m in now.

Ah, the opportunities life presents to illustrate our struggles! Caught between clinging and resisting, I decided to breathe and enjoy the paddle.

May you find opportunities this month to relax into your Present Moment, whatever it brings; knowing that this season will pass and the next will come in its time. The Present Moment is always a holy moment. It’s the only thing that really exists.


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