MARCH 2013 ~ Transitions

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

When I taught preschool we made mobiles with lion faces on one side and puffy white lamb faces on the other.  They hung from the ceiling all month long, their alternating faces spinning over our heads reminding us that March was a month of transition.

But transition isn’t just the nature of March. All of life is, by nature, transitory. People, places, every feeling and thought all pass through. Every cell of the body, the very thing I most identify with as me, dies and is replaced.

We all struggle with the existential angst that this is the way of things. Everything passes away, even life itself. There is a saying, “You never step into the same river twice.”  Life drifts by.

But this does not have to fill us with anxiety and grief.

This knowledge can create a sense that each moment is new. Each moment is unique. Each moment is fleeting and, indeed, very sacred.

This month allow the breath to bring you back to the Present Moment so that you might experience both the lion and the lamb, every sacred moment each in its time.

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