AUGUST 2014 ~ Back Roads Exploring

Back roads are great fodder for mindful exploring.

 As I drove the back roads across Georgia from the Alabama border to the Atlantic Ocean, I passed an old antebellum house with a huge front yard. About one-third of the way back from the road stood a little boy in shorts and a striped tee-shirt and a little girl in a sundress. Both kids stood boldly in their cowboy boots.

 I saw them from the distance, peering down the road; anticipating my approach. As I reached the house, they each raised a hand into the air, made a fist and pulled down repeatedly; making the sign you give truckers to blow their horns. I played along and honked a couple of times.

 The kids went wild! They were so excited; jumping up and down, high-fiving and grinning from ear to ear.

 I had to turn off my radio and just bask in this a moment or two. Here are two small children commanding big trucks and automobiles, controlled by adults who are complete strangers, to do what they want them to do, all for their sheer entertainment. Awesome.

 I became completely immersed in the sense of efficacy and personal power these children were experiencing.

 “I can determine what I want. I can seek out help and partnership. I can do something to bring about what I want. I can be successful in my endeavor and I can celebrate my success!”

 All of this in seemingly meaningless child’s play on Georgia back roads one hot Friday evening in August.


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