Advanced Monthly Mindfulness Processing Groups


Monthly Mindfulness Processing Groups

What are mindfulness processing groups?

Small groups that meet to:

  • Meditate

  • Learn mindfulness concepts

  • Spend time intentionally working with the concept in our daily lives

  • Meet in community to share and more deeply explore experiences and understandings

What will happen in these groups?

Each group will meet for an hour and a half once a month.

The first 15 minutes of the group will be silent meditation. The group will share and process their experiences with the last month’s concept with one another and with a meditation instructor/ licensed professional counselor.

A new mindfulness concept will then be presented for the next month.

Is there a way for group members to interact during the month?

The group will have an opportunity to communicate with one another and with the facilitator on a private FaceBook page throughout the month. Members are encouraged to attend the free monthly Community Meditation.

When will the Mindful Processing Groups meet?

Groups can meet the first Monday morning of each month or the first Tuesday evening of each month. Groups will begin again in January 2018.

Groups will meet in 6 month sessions.

The cost for one 6 month session is $50

Please contact Susan Marshall, LPC at to register.

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