The Center for Mindful Exploration

Through therapeutic services, mindfulness, yoga, personal and professional development, we provide opportunities to

  • Unify mind, body and spirit
  • Unite with self and community in new and meaningful ways
  • Explore and challenge unconscious personal and cultural narratives
  • Participate in environments that support emotional, relational, spiritual and physical healing

What’s happening at The Center for Mindful Exploration

We continue to track the COVID-19 situation.


In the interest of public safety, we encourage those who can particpate in telehealth to do so. For those needing in-person sessions, we are returning on a limited basis. Please see our COVID 19 POLICIES AND PROCEDURES page for more information. For an appointment please leave a message at


Parenting is hard. Teaching is hard. Parenting and teaching together…during a pandemic? Overwhelming.

We can help.

When teachers, parents and children become overwhelmed, learning is  neurologically impossible.

Our online class, “Mindfulness in the Classroom”, offers tools to help you and your child recognize what is happening when you become overwhelmed. Then, we give you the tools to help you move into a calmer space where learning becomes possible again.

 This program was developed to support teachers in the classroom, but we are making it available to you. 

During September we are offering this program to the public for half off the regular price. This programs offers insights and tools that you can use when you and your children/ students are feeling overwhelmed. These tools will help move you both back into a place where you can calm, learn and grow…together.


Our yoga classes continue.

For yoga classes, we have three options.

Pre-Recorded Classes

For pre-recorded classes you can do on your own schedule, both regular classes AND ADAPTIVE YOGA are now available at


Yoga With Kristina

You can join Kristina’s live Zoom Yoga on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:15am. Additionally, Kristina can be reached for occasional opportunities for outdoor yoga. Feel free to contact Kristina at for your invitations.


Adaptive Yoga

Our Adaptive Yoga community is practicing yoga online.

We meet Mondays and Thursdays at 5:30 PM via Zoom. If you are interested in joining us, follow the link below to register. If you have any questions about Adaptive yoga, please contact Joanne Rogers at


Community Meditation met on FaceBook Live in September. We will meet again on Monday, September 28 on our FaceBook page (The Center for Mindful Exploration) at 7pm for a guided meditation.

Guided meditations are currently available for free at our online leanring site


We ask you to help support the larger community by preventing shame and stigma and the spread of misinformation about the virus, which is not specific to any race, ethnicity, or nationality. We are here to support our community as we work together to solve what ever challenges we are facing.

Stay healthy.


For more information, or to develop programming for your organization, please email