The Center for Mindful Exploration

Through therapeutic services, mindfulness, yoga, personal and professional development, we provide opportunities to

  • Unify mind, body and spirit
  • Unite with self and community in new and meaningful ways
  • Explore and challenge unconscious personal and cultural narratives
  • Participate in environments that support emotional, relational, spiritual and physical healing

New in January

Beginning Meditation

This is a 4-week class that is a basic introduction to meditation. It is a fun and interactive class, with lots of opportunity for learning and practice.

We will meet on Wednesday nights, starting January 8, 2020 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Registration is now closed

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Allow Yourself To Be A Beginner – Very Beginning Yoga Workshop is BACK!

If you have been curious about yoga and would like a fun and safe place to see what it is all about and to learn the basic poses, come join us for this workshop. Beginning something new can be a little scary, but this workshop is filled with community, laughter, fun and learning. Click on the button to find out more information and to register and then come join us on Saturday, January 25, 9 – 11 AM. Registration is required.


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Second Sunday Savasana

We are super excited about this new program. If you have enjoyed our Silent Retreats and wished you had access to this deep level of relaxation and healing more often, then SECOND SUNDAY SAVASANA was designed with you in mind. Join us on the second Sunday of each month to experience this gentle yoga practice to prepare our bodies for deep relaxation. Guided meditation will take you just to the edge of sleep, where your body is at rest, but your mind is awake. In this space we will explore various facets of our experience—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The class is $15 and will meet 4 – 5:30 PM. Registration is required.


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Come join the growing community in our yoga program

Yoga continues with our Adaptive Yoga classes on Mondays, 5:30 – 6:30pm and our ongoing yoga classes on Tuesdays (Kristina Moore, RYT) and Thursdays (Joanne Rogers, RYT) , 7 -8pm.

Please check out our yoga page for more information


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Community Meditation returns in January



Community Meditation is free and open to the public. We participate in a different type of meditation each month. No experience is necessary. This is a great place to begin or to strengthen your own meditation practice.

Community Meditation meets on the fourth Monday of each month at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in LaGrange, GA, 7-8pm.

Come join us.


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Give the gift of wellness.


Gift certificate are available for this holiday season. Gift certificates can be made for any amount and can be applied to yoga, workshops, classes, retreats and therapy. What better gift to give than one that says

“I want you to take care of you.”

Email or call the office at 706-443-5433 for more information about gift certificates.

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For more information, or to develop programming for your organization, please email