What’s happening this Summer

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The wheels of ideas and inspiration and plans are spinning here at The Center for Mindful Exploration.

We are forming new partnerships, desiging new classes and getting ready for our foundational mediatation classes to begin again. Browse around. Find your space in our mindfulness community. 

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Our beginning meditation class is the foundation of everything else we do. It isn’t a prerequisite for most of for our other workshops, but it is a helpful foundation.

We will teach this 4-week introductory class again in October. If you are interested in joining us, please email mindfulx@yahoo.com to be put on a waiting list.

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Keep your eye on Hillside Yoga

Our new physical space is currently under construction. We are excited about the next leg of our journey with our yoga program. If you are interestred in finding out more about our unique yoga program, please email Joanne for more information.



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 Mindfulness Processing Groups.

Our ongoing, monthly processing group will continue throughout the summer. For those participating, please keep updated on our FaceBook page. 

For more information or to be placed on a waiting list for future groups, please email mindfulx@yahoo.com

earth peace


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August’s Monthly Musing, Saboteurs and Swanky Journals explores the the change process and the ways we sabotage our own growth.



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Community Meditation meets on August 22, 2017.

This month we will have instruction on movement, posture and breath.

Community Meditation is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, so come join us from 7-8pm at

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, LaGrange, GA


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The Center for Mindful Exploration provides opportunities to

Unify the mind, body and spirit

Unite with self and community in new and meaningful ways

Explore and challenge unconscious, personal and cultural narratives

Participate in environments that support emotional, relational, spiritual and physical healing.


We are always interested in hearing your ideas on these topics and how mindfulness is impacting your life when you are “off the cushion”.  Please visit our Facebook page to contribute to the conversation. These posts help us become more of a Sangha or community and we are always grateful for your participation.


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