“How is talking to someone going to help?”

We hear this a lot when people first come to therapy.

The therapeutic relationship is different from other relationships. In our other relationships, the needs, values and lifestyles of both individuals play a role. While therapists certainly have those things, they do not play a role in the therapeutic relationship. Our job is not to impose our opinions or belief systems on our clients. Our job is to meet you where you are; to learn about you, your struggles, and your dreams from your point of view. We provide psychoeducation to help you better understand why you do the things you do and to help you understand how to work in collaboration with your body and mind, rather than in opposition to them. Finally, our role is to support you, to help you hear and understand your own history and the impact is has on today’s functioning, to help you realize your dreams and to create your own path in the unique way it unfolds for you.

Please see the list of issues that we see in therapy and how therapy can help. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it is a starting place to help you better understand the role of therapy.