10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cost: $45

Event Location

  • Hillside

Join Miranda’s workshop, Exploring Body Image Through Collage. Begin to see yourself differently as you shift from a personal view to an artist’s perspective. We will use collage as a way to explore our relationships with our bodies and our culture in a safe and playful way. This workshop requires no previous experience with art. It is a fun workshop that only requires that you have a body!

Miranda Fortenberry earned her BFA with a focus in painting 2018. She has participated in several juried exhibitions and group shows, including publications in Kolaj Magazine and VoyageATL. She has organized and co-curated several events including her most recent group show at the Cochran Gallery titled Body |A|part.

In her work Miranda Fortenberry focuses on the relationship of body and consumerism. Commodity, duality, and sexuality are major themes, often questioning the repercussions of a capitalist society on the human form. Collage is one her main tools of inspiration, allowing for more intuitive compositions to be created which echo the mundane absurdity of an obsession with the materialistic. Her work is a commentary on a quest for perfection. The average person has become integrated into a society which treats body as immaterial material, body as a reflection of item.

In Miranda’s Exploration we will use collage as a medium to explore our own experiences of our evolving relationship with our bodies.