10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cost: $45

Event Location

  • Hillside

Join Ashlee Jo Ramsey-Borunov’s workshop, Exploring Dance and Movement For All People, a DanceAbility class, a dance class for everyone! We welcome people with and without disabilities and with any or no amount of dance training. Ashlee will guide you through movement-based explorations that encourage you to connect with your body, relate to one another and have fun! Discover a new realm of self-expression and communication through creative movement and embodied choice-making. Yes, you CAN dance… Come move with us!

Grounded in the perspective that dance-making lives in the primal, physical, emotional and spiritual consciousness of all humans, Ashlee’s artistic focus centers on collaboration, community participation and making dance available as a creative practice for all people.

Ashlee has shown work, performed or taught in North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Arizona, Austria, the U.K. and India. Her experience as an educator includes dance and yoga courses at Elon University, Wake Forest University, Winthrop University, and Salem College, and she holds a teacher certification with DanceAbility International

Currently working in Atlanta, GA, Ashlee performs with Full Radius Dance, a physically integrated professional dance company; Beacon Dance, a performing arts collective focusing on issues of social justice, equality and activism; and as a teacher with CORE Dance’s Dynamic X-Change program that connects under-resourced communities with movement and art as mediums for creative expression.

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