Susan Marshall, Licensed Professional Counselor

Joanne Rogers, Certified Yoga Instructor

Reaching out to support people around us who are struggling with the challenges life brings is a human virtue. However, sometimes we may find ourselves so enmeshed in another person’s problems that we neglect ourselves and our responsibilities. Our lives get out of balance, and in the end, we realize that perhaps we’re not really helping as much as we thought. This is a common paradox, especially when we love and care deeply.

Grounded in research in attachment, emotional regulation and mindfulness practices, this workshop offers strategies for balancing our empathic responses to pain and difficulty around us.

Specifically, we will

  • Learn to recognize the signs of over-involvement in other people’s problems.
  • Discover the roots of these behaviors and their impact on ourselves and the people we are trying to help.
  • Explore mindfulness practices to create balanced empathy for ourselves and the people we care about.
  • This workshop includes gentle yoga movements and breath control.

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“I just wanted to say thank you again for the Balanced Empathy workshop. It has been 3 weeks (and several life events) since then and I feel stronger than ever. I have practiced what we learned when my help was needed/wanted and experienced empowerment, drive, fulfillment, etc. without feeling depleted at all. This is a wonderful workshop and I am so glad I was able to attend.”