JANUARY 2013 ~ Energy

 At the beginning of the year, with so much ahead of us, let’s start with energy.

We do not come into the world as self-contained packets of energy that deplete over time.

 We are channels that energy flows through. Energy must flow in and energy must flow out. Just like a pond with a stream flowing through, if the flow in is dammed or depleted, the pond becomes stagnant and eventually dries up.  If the flow out is dammed, the water will eventually flood the banks causing destruction.

I often use the expression, My cup runneth over, to talk about energy. The “running over” is for everyone else. If we do not take the time to fill our own cups, we are always giving from a depleted state. This will impact us physically, emotionally, relationally and financially. It also impacts the receiver because we often feel irritable and resentful, playing the role of martyr, when we give from a depleted state.

 Take time this month to think about what gives you energy. Exercise, good whole food, loving connections with others, creative endeavors…. Where do you expend energy? Are those people and activities also giving you energy? If not, are you getting energy elsewhere? Where would you like to receive and spend your energy?


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